Want To Know More About One of The Leading Back Pain Experts In Newport Beach?

Dr. of Physical Therapy Nicole Anderson is one of the leading back pain and sciatic experts in Newport Beach, and has helped thousands of people end their lower back pain and sciatica naturally, safely, and quickly.

But who is Dr. Anderson, and what makes her different from everyone else that you’ve seen before that told you that you need to slow down, that back pain is a part of life, or it can only be fixed with medication and surgery?

Who Is Dr. of Physical Therapy Nicole Anderson, And Why Does Everyone Want To See Her?

I am Dr. of Physical Therapy Nicole Anderson, and I am the founder of Anderson Sport and Wellness, one of Newport Beach’s leading physical therapy clinics.

Over my years of working with back pain sufferers in Newport Beach, I have helped countless people start to enjoy a pain-free life.

The people I work with regularly tell me that they have tried everything – from painkillers and injections to acupuncture and visiting chiropractors, and have been told by doctors that surgery is their only option to fix their back pain.

The demand to work with me and my expert team shows our proven track record in delivering fast and natural pain relief to people with back pain and sciatica when everything else has failed.

So, if you’re struggling to go through your day and enjoy an active life comfortably, my team and I are here to help you!

What Is Dr. Anderson’s Life Like Away From Being one of Newport County’s Leading Back Pain Expert

Away from my clinic, you can normally find me spending time with my husband and being as active as I can be!

Throughout my life, I’ve enjoyed keeping active so I appreciate how difficult it can be when back pain and sciatica stops you.

At college I played soccer and ran track, so when I was struck down for over a year with crippling sciatica I’m sure you can imagine the effect that had on my life.

But now that I know how to keep my back healthy and pain-free, you’ll have a hard time getting me off my surfboard and skateboard in my free time!

So when you tell me that back pain is having a huge impact on your life, I truly understand.

Dr. of Physical Therapy Nicole Anderson’s Elite Level Experience Treating Lower Back Pain And Sciatica

With my years of experience, I have worked extensively with sufferers of back pain and sciatica to help them in getting back to the active way of living that they want.

I have helped everyone from young athletes needing to get back on the pitch quickly or elderly people that just want to stay active and do the activities they love!

Due to my expertise, I have also been able to help many people who have very complex problems with their back that had ruled their lives for years, and decades in some cases.

However, with the right approach and treatment, I’ve been able to help people with the most extreme back pain and sciatica get back to a normal life.

Apart from that, I am a public speaker at many events, conferences, and organization where I give speeches on physical therapy and how to solve common pain problems. I also host monthly workshops at my clinic.

If you want me to speak at your sports club, conference, event, or support group, get in touch with us today.

Can Dr. Anderson Help You With Your Back Pain Or Sciatica?

Have you found that your back pain leaving you feeling isolated and causing you to stop doing things you love?

Then I am here to help you!

The biggest problem facing a lot of people is that they don’t have a plan from day one or they’re spending time (and money) focusing on the wrong things.

Here at my physical therapy clinic, we make sure that you are given the time to be looked over thoroughly so you can discover exactly why you’re in pain, and then receive a personalized plan to quickly deal with your back pain and sciatica without pills.

This proven approach means we deliver the results that you’ve been desperately searching for!

Why Does Dr. of Physical Therapy Nicole Anderson Specialize In Back Pain Sufferers?

I feel so passionately about helping back pain sufferers, because I was someone that suffered from debilitating lower back pain and sciatica!

I was severely disabled for over a year due to the pain I was in because of my back, and just like you I had tried everything.

I went to 13 different doctors (yes, 13), all well-renowned and respected in Orange County, but none of them could help fix the pain I was in.

I was told multiple times that my only option would be surgery, and they weren’t even sure if that would fix it!

But because of my expertise and knowledge of back injuries, I knew that there was a way we could fix this without the need for me to go under the knife.

After relentless research and trying different treatments, I was able to fully recover, and I am more active than I ever have been!

So I understand what you are going through right now if your back pain or sciatica has taken over your life, and I am here to help you.

What Makes Dr. Anderson Different?

What truly makes me different is that I want to make regular Joe’s feel like pros when I treat them.

My career started helping elite level and professional athletes, because that’s what I was.

But now I work with a wide range of people – from aspiring sport superstars with career-threatening injuries, to busy moms who can’t play with their kids because of back pain, to the retired golfers who want hit the links multiple times a week without pain!

It is also my philosophy that I only hire fellow back pain experts, by doing this I can ensure that no matter who you’re seen by in my clinic, you get the same expert treatment and knowledge to get you back to living your life how you want!

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