“Can You Help Me Stop My Agonizing Back Pain Fast?”

Dr. of Physical Therapy Nicole Anderson has been helping thousands of patients get back pain relief even after they’ve been told by their doctors that there’s nothing that can be done, or they’d have to resort to injections and surgery.

Here are just a few stories of people she’s helped to recover from lower back pain and agonizing sciatica and get to an active life filled with fun, sports, and quality time with the people they love.

“I can now move without pain, walk with a straight back, and enjoy my hobbies without having to carry and wear a brace.“


When Randall first came to Anderson PT, he was little skeptical and was not sure what to expect from us as he went to three different physical therapists before but none of them could help heal his back pain.

Other therapists showed him various stretches and exercises for back pain, but he would still feel agonizing pain in his back which stopped him from socializing with friends and going for fishing trips together.

After two and a half months of physical therapy with our expert Dr. of Physical Therapy Nicole Anderson, Randall was able to regain his strength, move without pain, and walk with a straight back. Now he can come back to enjoying active hobbies without having to carry and wear a brace.

We can help you too, you don’t have to suffer from back pain anymore.

Chronic back pain for years stopped me backpacking, traveling, and playing sports. Now, I’m not limited by back pain and I can do the things I love.


Nicole’s back pain problem started when she was still in college.

Chronic back pain got in the way of her life as she was not able to enjoy sports and other physical activities.

She used to love backpacking, travelling, and doing all sorts of things but the pain was too much and she had to limit outdoor activities to reduce the impact on the back.

After getting physical therapy at Anderson PT, she was able to go back to sports and backpacking which she loves to do in her free time. She finally regained her strength and now she no longer has to limit myself.

Our expert team showed Nicole exercises for core muscles that other therapists don’t practice. We gave Nicole a personalized exercise plan specific to her  individual condition and we helped her recover from an agonizing chronic back pain.

We do things differently and give you the treatment that is designed to help you specifically, we don’t believe in one size fits all approach.

“I’ve gone through 32 sessions at another physical therapy and didn’t get the results. At Anderson PT, my swelling was gone in two sessions after suffering for 8 months.”


After suffering from an agonizing pain for nearly a year, Donna lost hope that there was anything that could help her get pain relief.

She’s tried physical therapy before and spent a fortune on sessions just to be told that her body needs more time to heal. The exercises she’s been given just did not work. She was unable to move without pain and it stopped her from doing all the things she used to enjoy.

People often visit us having spent months, if not years, wasting time with alternatives – endless stretching, chiropractors, massage, rest, pills, braces and supports (the list goes on!)

But we get results in a surprisingly short time because our experts do what others don’t.

We fully assess you and understand your story, your injury and your challenges.

With this, we can create a completely personalized treatment plan that does exactly what you need.

The result?

Fast results with safe, drug-free and proven treatments.

Want to discover exactly how we can help you?

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