Most Common Back Pain Problems That Stop You Doing What You Love

Over the years of working with back pain sufferers, there are certain conditions and problems that I treat more than others.

Everyone is unique and has their own experiences with back pain, but the most common back pain problems that show up most frequently are lower back pain and sciatica.

Whether you’ve suffered for years, or it’s a recent injury.

Or whether you’re just suffering from an annoying aching and tightness that’s a constant distraction, or it’s so severe that you’re unable to put on your socks in the morning, I can help with a range of natural, safe, and proven treatment options.

Lower Back Pain

Most people will struggle with some sort of lower back pain sometime in their life, but just because it is so common, it doesn’t mean that you must accept it.

Lower back pain can range from a mild soreness that flares up after a game of tennis to a daily agonising pain that makes it hard to sleep, and a struggle to work, look after your family and enjoy your hobbies.

But there are natural alternatives to resting, slowing down, and masking the problem with pills and injections.


Sciatica can be debilitating, and so extreme that you’re unable to walk, or get dressed on a morning.

Sciatica often comes and goes in waves, and if you’re not in agony right now, you’re probably worrying about the next time that it strikes.

But there is a way to get long-term relief from sciatica so that you aren’t living in fear of it coming back, and you’re aren’t out of action for days and weeks.

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