Core Beliefs Of One Of The Back Pain Experts, Newport beach

After seeing thousands of back pain sufferers in Newport Beach over the years, there are several core beliefs that have enabled me to achieve life-changing results – including for many people who were told that surgery was there only option, or that they would never be able to fix their back pain!

For me, these core beliefs set the high standards that I have for myself throughout my career, as well as all the members of my expert team.


BELIEF #1 – There Is Always Something That Can Be Done To Reduce Back Pain

My strongest belief when it comes to treating back pain is that there is always something that can be done to treat it!

And even in the very rare cases that back pain cannot be completely healed, there can still be significant reductions in its impact on your life so you can move better, take less pills, and feel more capable of doing the things you love.

I am relentless when it comes to solving problems for my patients when it comes to their back pain, and every single week, I dedicate ten hours to research which allows me to constantly improve, and help even the most complex back pain and sciatica patients.

This continuing development means that my expert team and I are leading specialist in treating back pain and sciatica, and why we have changed so many lives.


BELIEF #2 – Back Pain Is Not A Cookie Cutter Problem

If you’ve spent years on trying to fix your lower back pain and sciatica, but found no relief, chances are that you spent a lot of effort on cookie cutter solutions – random exercise you found online, getting massages and chiropractic treatments that had no long-term strategy, and masking the problem with pills and injections.

These strategies may work for the lucky few, but for a much larger percentage of people with back pain and sciatica, they only provide short-term relief – if any.

I founded my Newport Beach clinic because I strongly believe that back pain is not a cookie cutter problem that has a blanket treatment for all and people deserve treatments that are personalized to them.

And to give you that personalized treatment, we first spend time with you to listen to your story, learn about your struggles, and hear your goals for the future. From there, we can then complete thorough, full body evaluations that identify exactly why your back pain keeps coming back, and the best treatments to fix it fast.


BELIEF #3 – Empowering Patients And Handing Them The Right Tools

As someone who’s suffered at the hands of back pain and sciatica, I know you want to take back control of your life.

And my expert team work hard to empower you so you feel like you’re in charge, and you have the right tools to be able to deal with your own back pain when you need to.

As much as we would love to help you every time you need us, we can’t be, and you can’t be camped in my office 24/7 sheltered away in case your pain strikes when you don’t want it to.

That’s why I do my best to give you the right tools that you need at home to keep on top of your back pain, and making you feel empowered to go attack the day to day activities that you have been missing out on.

I also host monthly workshops at my clinic to educate patients on common pain problems and how to solve them as well as I am a public speaker in sports club, organizations, and support groups.

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