Put An End Chronic Back Pain And Drastically Speed Up Recovery From Injury With
The Neubie Machine

The Neubie device is a safe, proven, and natural way to recover faster and have longer-lasting relief from back pain and sciatica, and one of the cutting-edge treatment options that are available in my Newport Beach clinic.

The Nuebie is so powerful that 90% of patients notice tangible progress in the first Neubie session!

So if you want FAST relief from back pain and sciatica, the Neubie machine could be perfect for you.

What Is The Neubie Machine And How Does It Work?

The Neubie machine is an FDA-cleared, advanced electrical stimulation device developed by NeuFit, a company specializing in neuromuscular re-education and performance enhancement.

NeuFit stands for "Neurological Fitness," and its mission is to optimize the connection between the brain and the body to achieve optimal physical performance and wellness.

The Neubie machine uses advanced electrical stimulation to reduce inflammation, accelerate recovery at a cellular level, promoted circulation to hard-to-treat areas such as injured tendons, and relieve pain.

Comparing Electrical Stimulation Devices - Neubie vs TENS

The NeuFit Neubie device utilizes a unique form of electrical stimulation called NeuFit Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS).

Unlike traditional EMS devices such as TENS units, PEMF, Laser and Shockwave, the Neubie delivers a high-frequency, low-intensity direct current that targets specific muscles, nerves, and connective tissues.

This precise stimulation activates and enhances the body's natural healing and performance processes at a much higher rate than with a TENS machine or other alternatives.

Most electrical stimulation devices like the TENS machine run on alternating (AC) current, which does not promote healing to the extent that the Neubie does.

Partially because the TENS machine runs on the same type of current as the body - direct current (DC), and partially because of the proprietary waveform of the current.

So if you are comparing the Neubie vs TENS, PEMF, Laser or Shockwave therapy, Neubie has the edge and has been cleared by the FDA for a much wider range of benefits such as increasing range of motion in a stiff lower back, reducing agonizing spasms during sports, and relief from chronic back pain that leaves you relying on daily pills.

If you want to know more about the differences between the Neubie device, and other devices you may be researching, why not Arrange A Free Telephone Consultation with me and my expert team?

You can share your story, get answers to your questions, and learn about the best treatment options suitable for your unique back pain.

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How Can The Neubie Machine Help Relieve Back Pain And Sciatica?

Neubie therapy can help relieve acute, and chronic back pain and sciatica by drastically reducing inflammation, speeding up cellular level healing, increasing circulation (even in areas with impaired or minimal blood flow such as injured tendons), and releasing endorphins.

The Neubie device can be used to treat any type of back pain – such as musculoskeletal and nerve-related – so can deliver back pain relief for people with complex conditions, and who’ve been unable to find success through various other methods.

Who Can Benefit From Neubie Therapy?

Neubie Can Help You Recover From Surgery

In the same way that the Neubie device can treat back pain and sciatica, it can also drastically speed up recovery times from surgical procedures.

So if surgery is unavoidable, or it truly is your best option after you’ve explored all other avenues, then Neubie therapy can help you get back on your feet fast.

Surgery is a huge step to take, and the last thing you want afterwards is a long, drawn out recovery time where you are relying on help from family and friends to take care of yourself, and you’re unable to do things for yourself at home, or go to work.

Neubie therapy can be used immediately after injury or surgery, and when used within 4-6 hours after a fracture, strain, or sprain, the healing can accelerate to 3 weeks instead of 4-6.

Minor sprains and strains heal in just a day or two and we consistently see these outcomes in our clinic.

Neubie Can Help You Improve Your Athletic Performance

Many elite athletes and sports teams that compete at the international level rely on the Neubie machine to help accelerate recovery from training and speed up healing after injuries.

Neubie technology can also improve sports performance by increasing strength, speed, agility, and endurance.

In my clinic, we’ve helped “The Joes” and “The Pros” break through their previous performance barriers, and hit new PR’s within a few weeks of Neubie therapy.

Neubie Can Help You Recover From Neurological Injury or Disease

As well as helping injuries to the body, the Neubie device can also help you regain function lost through strokes, spinal cord injury, traumatic brain injury, and many other neurological injuries and diseases.

Neubie is also a powerful treatment option for concussion patients – and something I’ve personally used Neubie therapy for as a result of head injuries when surfing.

Noah, an elite water polo athlete who worked with me, had whiplash and concussion which was causing daily headaches, neck pain, sensitivity to bright lights, brain fog, and nausea.

After an hour of treatment, Noah's neck pain, headache, and nausea were gone, and he said that he had more energy and felt so much better.

Neubie Can Help You Recover From Neurological Injury or DiseaseNeubie Can Help You Improve Your Mental Performance

The Neubie device can optimize neural connections, enhance focus, and improve cognitive function and can be applied in mental training to improve stress management, and overall mental well-being.

It is powerful for “chilling out” and we provide in our comprehensive recovery room the “electric meditation” also called the “Vagus nerve reset” with the Neubie to do just that.

One client recently commented after doing the Vagus nerve reset that he felt more relaxed than he has felt in months.

The Vagus nerve is a “master nerve” - the nerve “turns off” during stressful situations or if a person is under chronic stress and sometimes needs help to turn it back on.

The Neubie can reliably turn on the Vagus nerve resulting in a feeling of deep calm and putting your body into a powerful healing state to accelerate healing and overall well-being.

Are There Any Neubie Machine Side Effects?

The neubie device is an incredibly safe form of treatment for back pain and sciatica, with minimal side effects.

Occasionally patients will experience a little soreness, similar to what you experience after exercise. However, this is often dramatically less than the usual back pain and sciatica patients wake up with on a daily basis.

Overall, the rare impact of side effects from Neubie treatments are negligible, and it's much safer than a cocktail of pills, painful injections, and irreversible surgery that can lead to infection, complications, and hospitalization!

Speak To Your Newport Beach Neubie Specialist

To get the best results using a Neubie device as part of your treatment for back pain and sciatica, you should visit a certified NeuFit practitioner.

By visiting experts in Neubie technology, you can receive more effective treatments using tailored electrical stimulation protocols based on your specific situation, and goals.

The more skilled your Neubie specialist is, the better your results will be.

While the Neubie device is an incredible piece of equipment, the extent of your success with it still depends on the quality of the Neubie specialist.

At my clinic, our team are all experts in treating back pain and sciatica, and the Neubie machine itself, which is why our patients have been able to achieve truly remarkable results with us.

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