How To Sleep With Lower Back Pain Plus The Best Sleeping Position To Try Tonight

Have you been experiencing agonizing lower back pain that makes moving around and doing daily tasks nearly impossible?

I understand how frustrating it is when your lower back pain stops you from working, exercising, doing hobbies, or even spending time with your friends and family.

The pain is so intense that you can’t think of anything else other than rest and painkillers. But what to do when even sleeping makes your lower back pain worse?

If this sounds like you, then you should read this blog to find out about the best ways to sleep with lower back pain. 

Read the blog to find out what you can do to help relieve your lower back pain and avoid repeating the same mistakes in the future.

How To Sleep With Lower Back Pain

If you want to know how to sleep with lower back pain, the best answer is to heal your lower back pain, so you don’t have to sleep with it at all. 

You should find the root cause of your lower back pain and treat it to get permanent pain relief. 

If you’ve been suffering from lower back pain then you probably are doing something wrong continuously.

Whether that’s lifting something incorrectly at work or doing exercises at the gym without using the right technique, or any other activity done wrong, this may have led to your back pain.

It’s important to identify what you’ve been doing wrong to get the right help you need for your back.

Here are a few common mistakes you might have been doing that stop you from getting pain relief.

Not Lifting Correctly 

If you’ve been working physically where you have to lift things and carry heavy objects, then you might have hurt your back by doing it wrong.

Whenever lifting something heavy, you need to make sure you keep a straight back and bend your knees before lifting it off the floor.

Lower back pain self-care is essential to keeping a healthy spine, back, hips, and your whole body in general.

Even if you find the best sleeping position for lower back pain, it won’t fix your problem as you are repeating the same mistakes, so the back pain will come back every day and night. 

If you’re asked to lift or carry something that’s too heavy for you, then it’s better to acknowledge that you can’t lift it on your own than to damage your back while doing so.

3 Common Mistakes Leading To Back Pain

Having Unhealthy Diet 

Another thing that can cause lower back pain and hip pain is having a poor diet.

A lot of patients fail to address that their back pain may be caused by their unhealthy eating habits which can cause them to gain weight.

When you put on weight and notice that your back is getting worse, it’s time to change your diet.

Your spine carries your body weight, so if you gain a few pounds, it can cause your back pain as your spine needs to support more and more weight.

The Lack Of Activity

Another reason contributing to your lower back pain and hip pain can be the lack of activity. 

If you have a sedentary job then I understand that your time spent on activities is below the average needed for healthy lifestyle balance. 

This is why you should make sure that you do other things outside of work that can help you prevent lower back pain and hip pain. 

Instead of focusing on how to sleep with lower back pain, focus on important things like how to improve your health to keep the pain away. 

I understand that you may be tired and all you want after work is to put something on TV and rest on the sofa. 

However, even the minimum lower back pain self-care can really help you get rid of the pain.

Try to go for a 15-minute walk every day after work and spend time more actively on the weekends. This will help you avoid lower back pain and hip pain in the future. 

Physical activity is a great way how to sleep with lower back pain as it tires your body enough to sleep through the night without waking up because of the pain. 

The Best Treatment For Lower Back Pain And Hip Pain 

If you’re looking for the best treatment for your lower back pain and hip pain, then you should try physical therapy with me, the leading back pain expert in Newport Beach, to relieve your pain. 

As the #1 back pain expert, I’ve worked with thousands of patients treating lower back pain and hip pain, so I know exactly how to help you.

My approach is different from any other physical therapy you might have tried before. 

In my clinic, you won’t be rushed out the door with some basic exercise sheets to do at home.

I give you my full attention and provide you with a personalized treatment plan to target your specific pain area and the root cause of the problem. 

If you want to find out more about working with me, you can start with a few free resources. 

For more information on back pain treatments without the need for medication and other invasive methods, you can download our free advice report where I’ve put all the relevant information to look at. 

Free Back Pain Report

If you are a little hesitant and want to speak to us first before coming to the appointment, you can schedule a free telephone consultation where we can answer all your questions.

Free Telephone Consultation

Another option is to come and see us at the clinic for a free discovery visit where you can meet the team, see the facilities, and talk to us about your problem, so we know how to help you recover. 

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The most important thing is to choose one option now and get the treatment you need before your back pain and hip pain gets worse.

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